How to fix a leaky ceiling in Ghana

Leaky ceilings are one of the most annoying things to experience as a homeowner. There is a need to take immediate action toward solving the issue. It’s uncomfortable to have a ceiling that leaks whenever it rains. If left untreated, this can lead to more than just some unsightly stains. It could result in mould and structural damage to your home and I bet you don’t want it to get to that. Let’s discuss more on how to fix a leaky ceiling in Ghana in this article. Let Rosa’s roofing systems show you how. 

How to fix a leaky ceiling in an apartment in Ghana.

A minor leaky ceiling can lead to extensive damage so if a homeowner spots any leaking from the ceiling, the necessary action must be taken immediately. How to fix a leaky ceiling in Ghana precisely in an apartment can be a very delicate issue when you have never experienced such before and do not even have any clue as to which step to take. How to fix a leaky ceiling in an apartment in Ghana is a complex and specialized task which is best done by professionals.

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Who to call for a water leak in the ceiling? 

If not all of us, most of us have experienced a leaky ceiling at some point in our lives but whose job is it to fix a leaky ceiling, the carpenter or the plumber? Roof ceiling is a carpentry work whereas leaking is a plumbery work so who really are we going to call to fix such a problem for you? 


Alright, so the issue of who to fix what is a work for the professionals and you can contact Rosa roofing systems will sort you out. Rosa roofing systems have their clients at heart and they would do everything possible to put a smile on their clients’ faces. 

water leak in ceiling.

Moulds usually occur slowly with time when the leak continues for a long time. Moulds develop faster than we can expect or think of and how to fix a leaky ceiling in Ghana which has been affected by mould is to first fix the water leak then remove the entire ceiling and fix new ones. 

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Ceiling leak repair cost.

We all know how much of a problem it is for homeowners to experience leaky ceilings in Ghana. It is one of the headaches people go through at a point in time. Individual homeowners should have it in mind that one way or the other they will experience such a thing and it’s advisable to prepare ahead to solve any issue that comes with owning a house. 

Fixing a leaky ceiling in Ghana is a work best left for professionals.  On average fixing a leaky ceiling can cost $500 – $2000 depending on the severity of the damage, the type of ceiling and the size of the house. 

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Can leaking ceiling collapse?

 A leaking ceiling can collapse with time when a lot of water is accumulated in the roofing and this causes the roofing to sag or droop. The ceiling can potentially collapse, the accumulated water weakens the drywall or roofing plastic and eventually collapses the ceiling. Ceiling collapses are much more common than roofs caving in, but we’ll go over both.

Signs of water damage on ceiling 

Signs of water damage on the ceiling can be obvious most often but other times, they can be very subtle. The following are some signs of water damage on the ceiling

  • Rust-coloured stains or watermarks on the ceiling 
  • Mould on the ceiling and walls 
  • Sweating and swollen ceiling 
  • Trim, baseboards and wallpaper separate from the wall.

Ceiling leak from rain 

Uhm!! Ceiling leaks from rain frustrate homeowners to the extent of using buckets and bowls to collect the water that may seep into other places. You can take notice of the following so that the necessary actions can be taken when you spot it. 

  • A plumbing setup can make some houses exposed to leaks during rain
  • Metal corrosion or cracks in metal around fasteners can create enough space for leaking when it rains
  • Degraded shingles can dry out and wear to the extent that they can no longer contain water

Rosa roofing systems have the best quality roofing tiles that last longer than you would expect, their products are durable and are imported from New Zealand. 

Temporary fix for leaking ceiling 

Temporary fixing can be done if you’re not financially stable to call a professional for repairs, therefore the following tips can help you fix your leaking ceiling temporarily: 

  • Use a tarpaulin to stop the leaking.
  • Use roofing cement to patch the affected place. 
  • Use silicone to stop the leaking.

Your individual homes are your investment so there is the need to pay critical attention to them before any extensive damage occurs. How to fix a leaky ceiling in Ghana can be best left to the professionals. Rosa roofing systems is the leading roofing construction company which offers the best services to its clients. For more enquiries contact Rosa roofing systems, we have the best team that will take you through all you need to know and trust me they will get you covered at all times on any day. 

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