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Rosa roofing systems is a registered brand of Rosa roofing and construction limited Ghana, which started many years ago in building construction, maintenance and repairs, plumbing and general construction works. Rosa roofing systems as a brand was established in 2008. During this time the company has earned an excellent reputation and frequently carries out large projects for private clients, Local Authorities, Government, construction companies and works with major companies.

Rosa roofing and construction limited Ghana is a customer-driven organization that is committed to supplying the highest and best quality stone coated metal roofing tiles from New Zealand. It is our goal to build and maintain client relationships by providing you with unprecedented service and undeniable quality.

Rosa roofing Ghana limited is a customer-driven company that is committed to the highest quality. Rosa roofing systems stand-out in the world especially in Africa’s harsh weather over the years. Rosa roof tile is the world’s Original Alu-Zinc stone coated metal roofing tile. Rosa roof is an unbelievably light roofing system that can enhance the look of your roof and home with its durable and elegant designs and colour range.
Rosa’s natural stone coated roof tile blends perfectly with the Ghana landscape and weather while the hardened alu-zinc metal underneath resists corrosion and rust backed with a 50-year limited warranty. Rosa roof tile is manufactured to ISO 9001 standard with a new coating technology that defies imitation. Rosa roof tile is designed to overlap and interlock into a horizontal fix system. The fastenings of this horizontal fix system are done at right angles, thus creating a roof structure of superior strength that is strong enough to withstand hurricane-force wind and earthquakes. As a result, Rosa roof tile withstands all kinds of severe African weather conditions such as extreme hot and cold weather, UV light, strong wind, and heavy rain without rusting, leaking, fading of colour, and breaking.
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The roof is one very important part of your home that people will see and admire. Therefore that first impression will determine how people value your house and your taste of design, quality, style and colour. Hence that first impression must last a lifetime and that is exactly what Rosa offers you. Rosa roof has the internal strength, a consistent, beautiful and natural stone-coated surface finish of various colours that never change (fade) and gives additional weather protection to your roof. Rosa roof tile can be cut, bent, and shaped to meet the most demanding roof design from as low as a 12-degree pitch to as high as a 90-degree angle pitch. Roofing in Ghana is done best with Rosa Roofs.