Features & Benefits

Product Features & Benefits

Rosa tiles have been tested against 200kph hurricane conditions and stands excellently well.
Rosa tile prevents UV-rays penetration and reflect heat away from the surface thereby keeping the internal rooms cold at all times.This means with Rosa tile you save cost of air-conditioning.
Rosa tiles have been tested up to 760 oC and during tests showed no flames, sparks or smoke. Hence Rosa tile is particularly beneficial during fire accident as it will save your home from been burnt down before help comes, and in areas of high temperature or commercial / public buildings.
Rosa tile resists the growth of algae on the roof surface thereby keeping the roof clean and fresh.
Rosa roof tiles are manufactured with the finest Aluminium-Zinc alloy coated steel with the outer surface coated with natural stone chips that resist fading and rusting. Rosa roofing series offer a texture, style and longevity not found in traditional metal roofing products.

Every Rosa roof tile is designed and manufactured in New Zealand to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. The core internal strength of Rosa roof tile is a combination of aluminium and zinc (Alu-Zinc) steel which provide long term corrosion resistance and has been shown in tests to last 6-9 times longer than ordinary galvanized steel roofing products.

The steel core is protected with zinc, which is itself protected by an aluminium barrier. On both sides of the core an additional corrosive resistant coating is again applied respectively for enhanced durability. The natural stone chips are embedded into a durable basecoat to provide enhanced protection and natural beauty.

Rosa tiles are made of recyclable materials that are friendly to the environment.
Rosa roof tile is only about 7.0kg/m2 hence it can save considerable costs in the roof structure and foundations.

Rosa tiles are made of Alu-Zinc metal proven to have a life span 6 to 9 times greater than galvanized roofing materials. If you live around the coastal areas, Rosa is the perfect choice for you, especially with our 50 year written warranty. 

Rosa roof tile is fixed using the horizontal nailing method thereby making it incredibly secure against intruders and extreme high winds. The tiles are overlapped and secured on either side, top and down.
Every Rosa tile has been tested in laboratories for quality and inspected by hand to ensure consistent quality.
Rosa tiles due to its natural stone coated surface finish is sound proof especially during rain fall.

Rosa tile does not contaminate rain water hence water collected from it during rain fall is safe for drinking. 

Rosa tiles are fast to install, making your home weather-sealed easily and quickly. Quick installation times can lead to further cost savings in the construction of your home.