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A roof is the first thing that stands out when you see a building. It plays an essential role by not only protecting the building against leakages but adding to its beauty. Over the years, many new roofing styles, types and technologies have emerged. As such, many roofing companies have sprung up offering different roofing solutions.

This article will be focusing on the best roofing company in Ghana and what to look out for when choosing the best roofing company in Ghana for your roofing needs.

Although there are good roofing companies in Ghana, Rosa roofing systems is the best among them all. When choosing the best roofing company in Ghana, it is important to bear in mind that the company has to be one that offers quality and unique services and a job that will last for a long time.

Rosa roofing systems offer the best roofing services and products that stand the test of time. Since it was established in 2008, the company has earned a good reputation and has carried out large projects for Government, local authorities, construction companies and other major companies. We pride ourselves on being customer-driven.

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Aside from offering roofing solutions, we are experts in supplying the best quality stone coated metal tiles and shingles.

Rosa stone coated metal tiles and shingles are made from high-grade aluzinc stone coated metal with a new coating technology to meet ISO 9001 standard. The coating technology defies any imitation hence, all our stone coated metal tiles and shingles are original. 

Rosa roof tiles are designed to overlap and interlock into a horizontal fix system. These fastenings are done at right angles creating a roof structure of superior strength that is able to withstand hurricanes, earthquakes, severe weather conditions such as heavy rains, UV light, dry and hot weather.

Rosa roof tiles are able to resist fading and corrosion because of their natural stone coated chip outer surface. Our products are all made from stone coated aluzinc. 

best roofing company in Ghana

Designed to mix edgy innovation with traditional appeal, Rosa classic tiles are guaranteed to add to the beauty and elegance of your home. Rosa classic tiles come in a wide range of vibrant colours that last for a very long time. Besides being lightweight and easy to install, Rosa classic tiles are leakproof, fire-resistant, UV light resistant, soundproof and burglar-proof.

Rosa Milano tiles are manufactured by combining traditional clay that is lightweight yet strong. They give your building a sophisticated and luxurious look. Rosa Milano tiles do not curl, break or burn. They are very durable and require little to no maintenance. They come in many colours and designs as well.

Rosa shake tiles are strong and long-lasting thanks to their stone coated steel nature. Available in various colour schemes, Rosa shake tiles enhance the beauty of your building for a very long time.

Rosa shingle tiles are innovative types of metal shingle roof tiles made from aluzinc steel roofs. Rosa shingle tiles have vertical ridge textured finishes that give your roof solidity and aesthetic value. The shingle tiles are durable, lightweight and save you maintenance fees. They are also leakproof, UV light resistant, fire resistant and come in vibrant colours that never fade. 

Rosa heritage tiles are an excellent addition to our products. Based on their performance, longevity and versatility, Rosa heritage tiles are the best alternative to traditional roof tiles. Rosa heritage tiles are designed to add elegance to your home and all building projects. The stone coated metal roofing tiles are available in a variety of natural colours to meet the choice of every designer, architect or homeowner.

What makes a good roofing company?

When choosing the best roofing company in Ghana, three key factors you should consider are customer service, warranty and pricing.

The company’s commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction is what will ensure a good job done. It is therefore important to go for a roofing company that fulfils the needs of their customers.

Our excellent customer service is one thing that makes Rosa roofing systems unique. This is evident in all the good reviews the company has received over the years. We aim to please our customers by providing them with quality roofing services and products.

In your search for a roofing company, you should lookout for a company that offers a warranty on its products. This way, you’re not only assured of the authenticity and longevity of the product but you save money from fixing any defects.

 At Rosa roofing system, all our products have a 50 years warranty. The 50 years warranty means that all our products are made with tough materials that can last for a very long time. In addition to that, any defect that may occur within the period will be covered by us at no extra cost.

Pricing is another major factor that comes to play when choosing the best roofing company in Ghana. 

At Rosa roofing systems, our products are budget-friendly, yet very unique and of the highest quality. We have flexible payment plans as well. No one beats us when it comes to pricing. Contact us to make enquiries on the prices of our products and services.

What is the best type of roofing sheet?

Although there are various types of roof sheets on the market, not all of them are of good quality. The best roofing sheet should be able to withstand harsh weather conditions, be easy to install and last for a very long time without fading or changing colour. The best roofing sheet should also save you maintenance fees. Rosa stone coated aluzinc roof tiles and shingles have all these benefits and more. 

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Aside from the benefits noted, Rosa stone coated roofing tiles block out the sound of rain. They are burglar-proof, give your building an aesthetic appeal and best of all have a 50 years warranty. They can also be used for every type of building project. All of these benefits make Rosa stone coated roofing tiles the best type of roofing sheet.

best roofing company in Ghana

How much is a roofing sheet in Ghana?

Different roofing sheets come at different prices. Rosa stone coated roofing tiles are the most budget-friendly roofs you will find on the market. Although they are budget-friendly, Rosa stone coated roof tiles are of high quality as compared to other roofing sheets on the market. Get in touch with us about the prices of our roofing sheets.

How much does roofing cost?

The cost of roofing may vary depending on the type of roofing sheet to be used, the roofing design or style and the professional or company that will be hired to do the job. Therefore, it is important to engage a roofing company to help with the estimates. Rosa roofing systems offer roofing services for all building projects. We provide the best roofing services with the aim of satisfying our customers’ needs.

When choosing the best roofing company in Ghana for your roofing needs, choose Rosa roofing systems. Rosa roofing systems offer you value for money. Our services and products are long-lasting. We also deal in roof repairs, maintenance and all construction works. Contact Rosa roofing systems for all your roofing needs today!


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