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Roofing in Ghana is taking another dimension with the new roofing designs and technologies emerging. Roofs are important parts of buildings that cannot be overlooked, hence the emergence of different types of roofing to meet everyone’s preference and budget as well as the need to offer uncompromised protection for your building. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the relevant things to note about roofing in Ghana.

Types of Roofing in Ghana

Due to technological advancements, new roofing sheets are being introduced to the market all the time. With that being said, there are some common roofing styles that you’ll easily find when it comes to roofing in Ghana.

1. Aluminium roofing

Roofing in Ghana

Aluminium roofs are preferred by most contractors not only because the aluminium sheets used are lightweight but also strong and durable. Aluminium roofs are mostly used for both residential and commercial building projects.

Aluminium roofs have a number of advantages including the fact that they are easy to install and work with. They are also resistant to corrosion and do not rust easily.

Advantages of aluminium roofing

  • Aluminium roofing can last for a long time.
  • They keep your home cool despite hot temperatures.

Disadvantages of aluminium roofing

  • Aluminium roofing can be expensive to repair when there is any damage.
  • Due to their inability to block rain sounds, aluminium roofing can be noisy when it rains.

2. Clay Tile roofing

roofing in ghana

Clay tile roofs are not as common as aluminium roofs in terms of roofing in Ghana. They are however an attractive and suitable option for the weather here in Ghana. Clay tile roofs are very durable and can last for years. They save you maintenance fees.

If you’re looking at choosing this roofing style for your building, then the Rosa Milano Tiles are good for you. The Rosa Milano Tiles are a combination of traditional clay and concrete which give your roof a timeless, beautiful look. They come in various natural colours to match every architect, designer and homeowner’s taste.

Advantages of clay tile roofing

  • Clay tile roofs are resistant to fire. Rosa Milano tiles are manufactured to resist burning during fire outbreaks.
  • Clay tile roofs enhance the look of every building by giving them luxurious, aesthetic appeal. Rosa Milano tiles come in various colours and designs that add an elegant touch to your building.
  • Clay tile roofs are long-lasting and durable. Rosa Milano tiles have great strength and can last for so many years.

Disadvantages of clay tile roofing

  • Most clay tiles are heavy as compared to aluminium. However, Rosa Milano tiles, unlike other clay tiles, are less heavy and very easy to install.

3. Shingle roofing

Roofing in Ghana

Roofs made from shingles are suitable for all weather conditions. Shingle roofs are also very common in Ghana because they are cost-effective, easy to maintain and long-lasting. There are two types of shingle roofs. They are asphalt shingle roofs and metal shingle roofs. Although they are both shingle roofs there are some differences between the two.

Differences between asphalt shingle roof and metal shingle roof

Asphalt shingle roofs Metal shingle roof
  • They are unable to last more than 8-12 years in the African weather.
  • They are strong and able to withstand the African weather.
  • They peel off from the plywood board underneath after some time.
  • They are very durable and do not wear out.
  • Their surfaces turn black after a few years of installation.
  • They do not change colour or fade.
  • Due to the hydrocarbon substances, they are made with, they burn easily and quickly during a fire outbreak.
  • They are resistant to fire and do not burn easily when there is a fire outbreak.


Metal shingle roof

  • They are strong and able to withstand the African weather.
  • They are very durable and do not wear out.
  • They do not change colour or fade.
  • They are resistant to fire and do not burn easily when there is a fire outbreak.

Rosa shingle tiles are innovative metal shingle roof tiles that combine the superior performance aluzinc roof with a style that blends with modern and traditional architecture. Rosa Shingle tiles are lightweight and give your building an aesthetically pleasing look.

They are fire-resistant, leakproof, UV light resistant, burglar proof and have vibrant colours that never fade. The catch about the Rosa shingle tiles is that they have a 50 years warranty, making them a good choice for your building.

They are also good for rainwater harvesting because of their nature and the rainwater harvested is safe for consumption.

Advantages of shingle roofing

  • Shingle roofs are affordable. Rosa shingle roof tiles are some of the most affordable roofing tiles you’ll find on the market. Yet, they are unique and of high quality.
  • Shingle roofs are easy to install. Rosa shingle tiles are not difficult to install because they are lightweight.

Disadvantages of shingle roofing

They are not suitable for buildings directly close to the sea.

4. Stone chip-coated steel roofing

stone coated roofing

The stone coated steel roofs are another popular option when it comes to roofing in Ghana because of their long list of advantages. Stone-coated steel roofs are made of alu-zinc steel coated with natural stone chips and produced with a distinct coated technology that makes them resistant to fading and rusting.

They are also long-lasting, saving homeowners the stress of regular maintenance. Stone-coated steel roofs give your home an aesthetic look, protecting your building from leakage and burglary.

They do not burn up to 760°c offering resistance to fire and leaving rooms cold by resisting UV ray penetration. Aside from all these features and advantages, the stone-coated steel roofs are soundproof.

Advantages of stone-coated roofs

  • The outer surfaces are coated with natural stone chips. The natural stone coated chipped coloured surface resists fading. Hence, the tiles do not fade or rust.
  • They can be used on buildings close to the sea without rusting or fading.
  • Rosa stone coated roof tiles are some of the stone coated steel roofs on the market that can burn up to 760°C, making them resistant to fire.
  • Rosa stone coated steel roof tiles are leakproof and maintenance-free.
  • They are soundproof. Rosa stone coated steel roof tiles are able to block out the sound of rain on the roof during rainfall.
  • Stone-coated steel roofs are burglar proof because installation is done by the horizontal fixing method.
  • They are perfect for water harvesting. The water collected from the roof is safe for drinking as it does not contaminate water when rain falls on it.
  • The stone coated outer surface reflects heat away resulting in internal cold rooms.
  • Stone-coated steel roofs add to the beauty and value of your building.

Disadvantages of stone coated steel roofs

  • Stone-coated steel roofs can be expensive but they save you years of maintenance fees. Our stone coated steel roof tiles are however budget-friendly.

We also have payment plans that allow the affordability of our roof tiles.

Types of roofing sheets in Ghana

There are various types of roofing sheets in Ghana. The differences in these roofing sheets are determined by the materials used in manufacturing them.

Below are the different types of roofing sheets in Ghana.

1. Metal roofing sheets

Roofing in Ghana, metal roofing sheets

As the name suggests, metal roofing sheets are made from metals. They are often used because they are durable. Metal roofing sheets come in different colours and styles. There are different kinds of metal roofing sheets namely;

Most of these roofing sheets are shaped into ridges and parallel grooves to make them strong. Some metal sheets are painted with acrylic paints so they are known as Acrylic metal sheets.

There are others that have been coated with stone particles to give them a rough texture. These types of metal roofing sheets are called stone-coated metal sheets.

There are also galvanised metal roofing sheets that have been coated with a protective zinc coat. The durability of metal roofing sheets is evident in the number of old buildings that have their metal roofing sheets still intact.

Advantages of metal roofing sheets

  • Metal roofing sheets are very durable and long-lasting.
  • Metal roofing sheets are also easy to install.

Disadvantages of metal roofing sheets

  • Metal roofing sheets are expensive.
  • Plastic roofing sheets

2. Plastic Roofing sheets

Roofing in Ghana, plastic roofing sheets

Plastic roofing sheets are mostly used for commercial building projects and garages. They are good for flat roofs. Just like metal roofing sheets, plastic roofing sheets come in various types.

Some types of plastic roofing sheets are:

  • PVC plastic roofing sheets
  • Polycarbonate plastic roofing sheets
  • Acrylic plastic roofing sheets
  • Polystyrene plastic roofing sheets

Advantages of plastic roofing sheets

  • Plastic roofing sheets are easy to clean.
  • They are also lightweight and easy to install.

Disadvantages of plastic roofing sheets

  • Plastic roofing sheets have a high cost.
  • Bitumen roofing sheets.

3. Bitumen roofing sheets

Roofing in Ghana, bitumen roofing sheets

Bitumen roofing sheets are made from saturated bitumen fibres. Bitumen roofing sheets have high tensile strength yet they are easy to install. They are mostly used for garages, sheds and more.

Advantages of Bitumen roofing sheets

  • Bitumen roofing sheets are very durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions.
  • Bitumen roofing sheets give buildings a rustic, aesthetic appeal.

Disadvantages of Bitumen roofing sheets

Without a proper water drainage system, bitumen roofs can collect rainwater which could gradually cause them to wear out.

4. Fibre Cement Roofing Sheets

Fibre cement roofing sheets are primarily made from cement, sand and organic fibre. Some manufacturers paint their fibre cement roofing sheets to make them aesthetically pleasing. Fibre cement roofing sheets are mostly used for industrial and commercial buildings.

Advantages of Fibre cement roofing sheets

  • Fibre cement roofing sheets have a long life span and require low maintenance.
  • Fibre cement roofing sheets are cheap and easily available.

Disadvantages of Fibre cement roofing sheets

  • Although Fibre cement roofing sheets are strong, they are susceptible to damage from long exposure to heavy rainfall.

What is the best roofing sheet in Ghana?

There is a varied number of roofing sheets that are used by contractors and experts for roofing in Ghana. However, metal roofing sheets are preferred by many because they are easy to install, require little to no maintenance and are very good for the climate in Ghana. Check out the range of stone-coated roofing tiles that Rosa Roof has to offer.

How much does it cost to roof a four-bedroom house?

The cost of roofing a four-bedroom house may vary depending on the type of roofing sheet to be used, the roofing design or style and the professional or company that will be hired to do the job.

Therefore, it is important to engage a roofing company to help with the estimates.

Rosa roofing systems have over the years, specialised in making the aluzinc-coated metal tile with a unique look and resistance against the tough weather conditions in Ghana with customer specification and satisfaction in mind.

Each of these stone-coated roofing tiles is made with exceptional quoted technology that is resistant to rusting and requires no maintenance thereby giving homeowners absolute peace of mind.

Not only do our stone coated roofing tiles have a 50 years warranty on them, but they are also budget-friendly.
We also deal in roof repairs and maintenance.
We have quality shingle tiles and stone-coated aluzinc tiles available. Contact us for the prices of our products and services.

Now that you know a few things about roofing in Ghana, finding a roof for your building projects will be a walk in the park.

Best roofing companies in Ghana

The importance of a roof cannot be stressed enough. When it comes to roofing, Rosa roofing systems is considered one of the best roofing companies in Ghana. Rosa Roofing Systems are your go-to for all roofing solutions. Rosa roofing systems since their establishment in 2008 have earned an excellent reputation as one of the best roofing companies in Ghana by frequently carrying out large projects for local authorities, Government, construction companies and private clients.

The company specialises in giving professional services and the manufacture of Aluzinc-coated metal tiles.

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Rosa roofing systems have products such as stone-coated Aluzinc and many other roofing products. The Aluzinc metal tiles are made especially with unique stone coating technology making them resistant to fading and corrosion as well as being able to withstand Ghana’s tough weather conditions.

These Aluzinc metal tiles are unbelievably lightweight, making them easy to install and work with. Rosa roofing systems prioritise the needs of their clients hence their Aluzinc metal tiles have a 50 years warranty limit. Another reason why Rosa roofing systems are considered one of the best roofing companies in Ghana is because of their excellent customer service and affordable products and services. Rosa Roofing Systems also offer services such as online estimates, roof repairs and general construction works. Rosa roofing systems can be found at Room A15 block A office complex beside the Achimota filling station.


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