Rosa Shingle Tiles

ROSA Shingle Tile is the new and modern type of metal shingle roof tile that combines the superior performance of alu-zinc steel roof with a style that works with both contemporary and traditional architecture. Rosa shingle tile has a distinctive vertical ridge textured finish that gives your roof solidity and aesthetic value. Durable and lightweight, Rosa Shingle Tile requires little to no maintenance.

Rosa shingle tile has high advantages over the Old bitumen based shingles type. It is installed directly on the purling (2×2 battens). Rosa shingle requires no plywood board or bitumen felt underlayment before installation. It is leak proof, UV light resistant, fire resistant and vibrant colour that will last and last and never fade/change. Beside that Rosa shingle tile has natural look and appeal which is a perfect definition of beauty. With a warranty of 50 years, the first impression will always be the same impression every time – for a life time. Available in various natural two-tone colour patch to match the design choice of every customer, Architects, designers and home owners

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