How to find the right roofing contractor in Ghana

Before you begin your search for the right roofing contractor, it is expedient to, first of all, know who a roofing contractor is. Roofing contractors in Ghana are very important. Why we need roofing contractors, factors to consider in choosing the best roofing contractors in  Ghana, and tips for hiring a good roofing contractor in Ghana, are some of the things we are going to look at in this article

Who is a roofing contractor?

A roofing contractor is also called a roofer or a roofing mechanic. He or she is a person that specializes in roof construction. Just like it is the duty of a chauffeur to drive so it is the responsibility of the roofing mechanic to install, replace, and repair roofs. 

Why do we need roofing contractors?

Right roofing contractors in Ghana

“Do it yourself” projects such as designing a paper envelope do not require much skill. A few videos on youtube can help out. It is not so with roof construction. While calling in friends to help with installing a roof on your building may save cost, it is not advisable. Contacting the appropriate roofing contractor in Ghana is needed. This is why:


  • Experience 


The adage which says “experience is the best teacher” applies here.  An experienced roofer can tell the estimated measurement of roofing materials needed for your building,  to save you from unnecessary expenses. Not only can roofing contractors in Ghana do the right job, but what could take the roofer a week could actually take you a month to finish. 


  • Protection from danger


Prevention is better than cure, they say. Roofing contractors in Ghana have the right tool for the right job. You would get yourself severely injured trying to repair, replace, and install a roof just because you don’t have the technical know-how or use the right equipment and tools. 


  • Time-saving


Replacing, repairing, and installing can assist you in saving money, but mistakes are inevitable. Avoid errors and save much time in having your roof on the building done by contacting roofing contractors in Ghana. 


  • Unexpected expenses


If errors are committed by the roofers, the extra cost or the amount of money on repairs is going to be handled by themselves and not you. On the other hand, you would pay so much if an error is made by you. Better it is to get roofing contractors in Ghana to do that for you.


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Five factors to consider in choosing the best roofing contractors in Ghana


Roofing your building is part of life’s necessity. Without it, you expose valuable properties, including the building itself to destruction. Probably because of rain, sun, and wind. Always choose the best roofing contractors in Ghana considering the following below.


  • License


Look out for the license of the roofing contractor. An unlicensed driver is unqualified to drive. Attempting to do that would cause disaster not only to oneself but innocent pedestrians as well.  In the same vein, a licensed roofer is your best bet.  An unlicensed roofer should be avoided.


  • Location


One of the factors to consider when choosing roofing contractors in Ghana is location. A roofing contractor near you is the best so whenever an emergency arises or a quick remedy has to be attended to, they can be there on time. 


  • Quality materials


Ensure that the categories of roofing products they provide are of good quality. Are they waterproof? Are they wind resistance? These are some of the questions you must ask. Not checking for the roofers to use quality materials can put your life in danger and pay so much.


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  • Insured contractor


Insurance is a key factor to look at here. The roofing contractor in Ghana must be covered by an insurance policy. It would do you good should an accident occur.


  • Referral


Of course, you are not the first to plan on having a roof over your building. Friends and families of yours might have done that. In this way, it is best to ask for a referral. Your security is certain knowing very well that friends and families wouldn’t lie to you. 

Tips for hiring a good roofing contractor in Ghana

Consider the points below in hiring a good roofing contractor in Ghana:


  • Research 


A tip for hiring good roofing contractors in Ghana is research. Research about the professionalism of the roofing company. Types of roofing they install, what type of insurance they have, the time period with which they complete their work, all these are things to look into.


  • Reviews


Positive reviews by customers concerning the roofing company you are looking at hiring is a good sign. Bad or negative reviews by customers mean those particular roofers are roofers to avoid. 


  • Payment of services


To choose the best from the lot, one thing to look at when hiring a good contractor in Ghana is checking how much they charge. Upon considering your budget the estimate or bill that would be given by the roofing contractors in Ghana would inform you which one to go in for.


  • Projects checkout


Check their website and project gallery to see how many jobs they have completed, how many years they have been in service, and what types of roofing jobs they have done. For example, in most roofing companies’ “About Us” section, you can find their history and more personal information about the owners. This gives you a better sense of who you are working with and what their roofing experience is like.


  • Warranty


Roof warranties usually last for a year, but some roofers offer longer warranties. So ask the roofer for the coverage and length of each warranty. As a caution, a continued warranty could add to the overall cost of your estimate.


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