The best roofing systems in Ghana

One of the most important components of a building is its roof. A building without a roof covering is the human body without melanin. Roof coverings protect us from adverse weather conditions like storms and excessive sunshine. A proper understanding of what a roofing system is beneficial to differentiating it with types of roofing sheets. In order to assist you to secure a durable, cost-effective and beautiful roof covering, this article has been designed to guide you in choosing the best roofing systems in Ghana.

What is a roofing system?

A roofing system consists of the internal and external structures that shield the inhabitants of a building. This includes the roof covering, roof decking, underlayment, ventilation vents and flashings. Not to worry, we’ll discuss these in a bit.

5 main components of modern roofing systems in Ghana

Every roofing system has some basic components that help it function as it should. Without these elements, the safety of a home cannot be assured. Let’s discuss 5 of them below:

  • Roof covering

The external hard and colourful part of a roof is the roof covering. The durability of the roof covering largely depends on the type of roofing sheet used. Eg. metal roofing sheets, Plastic, Fibre cement and Polycarbonate, which also have varying styles.


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  • Decking/ Sheath

A roof deck or sheath is the platform that lies directly on top of the steel rigid skeleton structure of a roofing system. It is the connecting frame between the actual roofing sheet and the ceiling (the upper surface of your house when viewed from the inside). Roof decks are usually made of wood; sheets or plywood. This implies the damages it can cause when faulty; leaky roofs, formation of moulds and discolouration, infiltration by pests as well as little patches here and there.  Roof deck sizes could be ⅙ inches, ⅛ inches,⅜ inches, ½ inches, ⅝ inches and ¾ inches depending on the size of your house or preferred type of wood.

  • Underlayment

This provides a second layer of protection after the roof deck. It can be natural or artificial. The natural ones can soak water or other materials, expand or even become extremely hard, which is also problematic as compared to the synthetic one, which is more expensive.

  • Flashing

Flashing is the metal installed to act as a waterproof barrier to the vulnerable parts of a roofing system. This is where we talk about rain gutters and rainwater harvesting, and/ or toxins or debris draining from the roof.

  • Roofing Ventilation and Insulators

These are air vents that regulate the amount of air that enters a building while insulators conduct heat by expansion and contraction. Air vents allow hot air out and cool air into the house. So you know one potential cause of a very hot or cool room. I’m certain many Ghanaian homes won’t mind having continuously cool rooms because of our tropical climate.

Factors to consider in  choosing the best roofing systems in Ghana

Now that we have a clear understanding of what modern roofing systems in Ghana look like, let’s examine what to consider when choosing the best roofing systems in Ghana. Let’s remember that the type of roofing system depends on the roofing material/sheet used, but there’s more to it beneath the roof covering. Ok, let’s get to it then.

  • Aesthetics

A discoloured roof is appalling, no matter how durable the internal components might be. It’s the first thing usually realise when they see a house. Make it worth their stares. The right roof colour combination also matters. Rainbow colours on the same building leave much to be desired. Some colours absorb heat, others do not. 

  • Availability of technical support from manufacturers

This is why you need to deal with only accredited roofing dealers like Rosa roofing Systems. What is a product, without manual or technical support, especially when you’re in a distressing situation? Your limited resources should not go to waste. Make the right investment with Rosa today.

  • Ease of maintenance by the homeowner

Irrespective of the technical support or warranty, to a large extent there are some things better handled yourself. Can you tell when your roof is damaged or needs to be completely replaced? 

At least signs like crackling sounds on a sunny day and dark soaked spots in the roof ceiling should easily be noticed, in which case, you can call in a roof technician to analyze the damage properly.

  • Durability/ Resistance to harsh weather conditions

Durable is not always heavy, says modern technology. Lightweight durable roofing tiles can equally resist thunderstorms, heavy rain and other materials like broken tree branches.

  • Total Cost

Concerning the cost of a roofing system, the total life cycle of the roof is to be considered and not the initial cost. The initial cost is the cost of purchasing but the total cost consists of costs of repairing roof leakages and broken tiles or shingles until the whole roofing system is replaced. Cheaper can mean less durable and temporary as compared to permanent ones. Averagely, aluminium roofing sheets cost about GH₵3,038.00 and Aluzinc sheets cost about GH₵2,000 to GH₵3,000.00.

  • Warranty

Roofing system warranties can be tricky. The truth is it may not cover the workmanship, damages caused by storms or entitle the property owner to roof replacement or restructuring in the long term so don’t be too excited when you read 20, 30 or 50 years warranty on the product. Ask for a fine print of what the warranty covers and what it does not. If that cannot be provided, find another company to deal with.

  • How environmentally friendly it is

If you’re concerned about climate change like I am, you must be probably looking for sustainable roofing systems to install, though more expensive in the short run. Be sure if the roofing materials can be reused or recycled? Is your roof suitable for solar panel installations to conserve energy? Ultimately the decision is up to you. 


Hands down, Rosa’s Aluzinc stone-coated roofing sheets are the best, among others. At Rosa Roofing Systems, leaky roofs, discolouration and growth of algae and security are a thing of the past. Our technical experts will sort you out in no time.  Quality, lightweight, soundproof and affordable all in one package; the best roofing systems in Ghana. 


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