Flat roofs in Ghana

The beauty of a roof is to a large extent determined by its exterior, which is the design of the roofing sheet. The aesthetic value of a roof is not only important for residential homes, but all types of buildings, especially permanent structures. This article would discuss modern roofing designs in Ghana, the latest trends in roofing designs, durable roofing designs, how a secret roof is manufactured, and how to choose a roof design.

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Various roofing designs in Ghana 

Roofing designs are meant to give buildings an aesthetic look. We have various modern roofing designs in Ghana and some of them have been listed and explained below.

1. Bonnet roof 

A bonnet roof is a roof that has a dual slope on all four sides, the lower slope is less steep than the upper slope; often extending over an open-sided raised porch to give admirable shade for the house and protection against rain. Bonnet roofs are cheaper, protect the building from harmful rays of the sun, and protect the building from water damage. However, bonnet roofs, which are one of the modern roofing designs in Ghana, aren’t for everyone in the sense that they are not suitable for houses that are wider and flatter. Other disadvantages may include regular maintenance and the high cost of installation. 

2. Butterfly Roof

The butterfly roof has a V-shaped form. It is an eye-catching modern design for buildings and allows rainwater to be collected making it profitable for high dried areas. The collected rainwater can be reused for washing cars and watering gardens. Though they are costly, require high installation skills and are difficult to maintain, as the name subjects, they easily withstand strong winds.

3. Curved Roof

A curved roof adds a modern characteristic to a building. It would make your building or home stand out from the rest. The pros of such modern roofings design in Ghana is that it requires low maintenance, is eco-friendly, appealing to the eyes, and is resistant to wind. Caution in having it designed is a major con. Another disadvantage is that the cost depends on the design. The simpler it is, the lesser the cost. The complexity of it, the higher the cost. 

4. Combination roof

As the name suggests, a combination roof comprises several roof types. There is no defined look beyond those criteria. It is visually appealing due to its uniqueness. You can customize this modern roofing design according to your choice. The drawback is that you would have to spend more on it depending on how complex you want the design.

5. Pent roof

The pent roof is also known as the skillion roof, lean-to roof shed roof or mono-pitched roof. It is a roof design that has only one slope. Among the modern roofing designs in Ghana, the pent roof allows water to flow freely away and it’s also suitable for solar panels.

6. Flat roof

A flat roof is exactly what it sounds like; there’s no slope, and the top of your house or building just looks like a flat plane. Flat roofing in Ghana is a simple roofing design and seems to be a part of the common modern roofing designs in Ghana. They are predominantly used by homes and offices.  They are designed in such a way that water can easily run off to their lower side. They are less attractive, unstable, and have drainage problems. 

7. Gable roof

The gable roof is also known as the A-shaped roof. It’s affordable and simple to build. On the other hand, you would not have the choice to maximize your living space when you go in for this roof design. It can easily be damaged by wind. 

8. Metal hip roof

A metal hip roof is a roofing design that has all sides sloping downwards to the walls, usually with a fairly gentle slope. In this article, different roofing designs have been mentioned earlier. A metal hip roof offers the most durability of any common roofing design. Because hip roofs have an inward slope, they are ideal for regions that are prone to strong winds. 

Latest trends in roofing designs

Do not only keep yourself updated with the latest trends in roofing designs. Updated phone apps function properly and look amazing taking into consideration their features. Let your house or building look glamorous with some of the latest trends in roofing designs listed below.

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  • Metal roofing

Metal roofing is roofing made from metal pieces characterized by its high resistance and durability. They are produced by combining Zinc, aluminium and silicon-coated steel. Metal roofs can last up to 100 years. 

  • Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles are types of roofs that use asphalt for waterproofing. It is relatively cheap and simple to install. Three main types of asphalt shingles see luxury shingles, dimensional shingles, and the 3-tab or strip shingles. The types are available in various colours, sizes, and styles to best suit the weather and home needs. 

  • Eco-friendly roofing

Eco-friendly roofing is composed of recycled materials or natural resources. Eco-friendly roofs tend to be more durable and reduce energy use. They are easy to maintain and repair, and also improve air quality.

  • Solar roofing

Solar roofing is made to look like and function like conventional roofing materials, such as asphalt shingle or slate, while also man-made as manufacturing electricity.

  • Green roofing

Green roofing, also known as a living roof, is a roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane.

  • Slate roofing

Slate roofing design is a type of roof design produced out of natural slate tiles and other slate roofing materials such as clay, composite, and rubber. It is easy to install, comes with low-cost maintenance, is waterproof, and is durable.

Manufacturing of secret roofing designs

Anything that is meant to be a secret means that they are not meant to be heard or seen by other people. Secret roofing which is part of the modern roofing designs in Ghana is designed in a way not to be seen by its viewers. This type of roofing is normally spotted on luxury apartment buildings. It costs less, and is easy to install, repair and maintain. The secret roof is done by adopting two different roofs. The second one acts as the edge of the roof and can only be viewed from the bottom. The first roof is the main roof.

How to choose a roof design

You just don’t choose any roof design although they may look beautiful in your eyes and on your building. Choose modern roofing designs in Ghana based on the following considerations.

  • Location of your building

The weather condition of the building location is key. Assuming you live in a place where strong winds are frequent then hip roofs are the best to go in for.

  • Affordability 

Not all modern roofing designs in Ghana have the same cost. According to your budget, you have to first of all look at which roof design suits you. 

  • Installation

Hiring the right installer(s) for your roof design is a major requirement. Just to make sure that the kind of roof design is installed correctly without any problems. 

  • Longevity of the roof

A careful look at the quality of materials and the team involved in constructing the roof designs would ensure you have a durable roofing design. Knowing that they are being monitored would require them to put the right thing in place.


Choosing modern roofing designs in Ghana can sometimes be very hectic. That is why  Rosa roofs is here to assist you. At Rosa roofs, it is our vision to provide you with the best quality, highly innovative roofing materials and services in the building and construction industry at affordable prices for your home or company. Contact us now.


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