Mission, Vision & Strength

To be the most renowned Africa roofing brand providing our numerous customers with the very best New Zealand stone coated metal roofing products to Homeowners, Architects, Builders, Developers and all players in the building and construction industry.


Our Company’s vision is to provide the best quality, highly innovative, roofing materials and services in the building and construction industry in Africa to everyone who desires to construct, build and have a roof on their home. Our target is to be the most outstanding contributor to the success story of Africa’s building and construction industry.

Of all the components that make Rosa roofing systems a huge success over the years, nothing is more important than our people (Customers and employees). We are convinced that we have assembled the finest team of employees, each with superior skill levels, integrity and desire to do everything possible to please you. As the industry changes, we learn about the new trends. When something new hits the market, our crews upgrade their knowledge and expertise. Each one has their technical certification and participates in ongoing in-house and our manufacturer training from time to time internationally.

As a customer driven company committed to highest quality and best industry practices, we will not only meet your expectations by roofing your home with our high quality stone coated metal roofing tiles but exceed your expectations and provide value for your money with full satisfaction

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