types of roofing styles in Ghana

Finding the right types of roofing styles in Ghana for your home in Ghana can be hectic and difficult. The roofing style you choose can make or destroy your home. Aside from making your home look good, the roofing style should be able to withstand harsh weather conditions and protect your home from leaks. There are different types of roofing styles but in this article, we’ll be exploring five types of roofing styles for Ghanaian homes.


Flat roof 


Contrary to the name, flat roofs are not necessarily flat. They are slightly horizontally pitched to allow water drainage when it rains. Although flat roofs are mostly used for commercial buildings, they are very easy to find on residential buildings as well. Using a flat roof style in Ghana has its perks. It is easy to install solar panels on them and they give more room to be used as balconies or decks. Some homeowners also use the extra space to install rooftop pools. There are different types of flat roofs you can choose from. They are the Built-up roof (BUR), Modified Bitumen, Rubber roof and Green roof (eco-friendly). Like every roof, a flat roof has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of a flat roof

  • Less expensive

Flat roofs are less expensive compared to the other types of roofing styles for Ghanaian homes. They are easy to maintain and installation is less risky, therefore the labour is cheap.


  • Durable

Flat roofs are very durable and water-resistant. Thanks to their slight sloppiness they do not retain water but allow it to run into the appropriate drainage system. This protects them from any damage that the water may cause.


  • Time-saving

Compared to other types of roofing styles in Ghana that require more time to install, flat roofs are quite easy to install in the shortest possible time.


  • Different roofing materials can be used for flat roofs

Flat roofs allow for the use of different materials such as bitumen and rubber. 

Disadvantages of flat roofs

  • Limited lifespan

Some of the materials used for the installation of flat roofs do not assure the longevity of the roof style. These materials come with a life span between 10 to 15 years, this decreases the stability of the roofing style.


  • Leakages

Despite the fact that flat roofs have the ability to allow water to flow away, they are unable to effectively get rid of water because of their low slopes compared to pitched roofs with high. Some rainwater may remain on the roof and can slowly cause damage to the material which gradually leads to leakage


  • Requires regular maintenance

In order to ensure that your flat roof is not completely damaged, there is a need to regularly check on the roof and fix any slight defects. This is because flat roofs are susceptible to leakage and failure to carry out regular maintenance could cause damage to the whole roof. Regular maintenance would also mean spending more time and money on the roof.


Skillion and Lean-to roof


Skillion and Lean-to roofs are also considered one of the best roofing styles in Ghana. Skillion and lean-to roofs are also known as shed roofs. They have a single slope that can be an alternative to a flat roof for a separate structure or attached to a taller wall. This roofing style is a popular option among people who have an eye for sophistication and minimalistic elements. Butterfly, Curved and Oval roofs are all types of skillion and lean-to roofs.

Advantages of skillion and lean-to roofs

  • High aesthetic appeal

Skillion and lean-to roofs are contemporary designs that are aesthetically amusing. The varying heights are sure to make your building stand out compared to other roofing styles.


  • Less cost

Skillion and lean-to roofs are simple and less expensive to install. Few materials are required to install the roof making it affordable yet very good looking.


  • Long-lasting

Once constructed with high quality and durable materials, skillion roofs are very long-lasting. They also drain water effectively making them less prone to leaks.


  • Easy to build

Although the installation of skillion and lean-to roofs needs accuracy and precision, it is simple to construct and requires minimal materials, unlike other roofing styles.

Disadvantages of skillion and lean-to roof

  • Vulnerable to high wind damage

Skillion and lean-to roofs are prone to high damage. However, the main roof can be made stronger by hiring roofing experts to build many roof slopes. Doing this will make the roof stronger.


  • There’s no extra space

If you want additional space for an attic, this roofing style may not be right for you. Skillion and lean-to roofs emerge at a constricted angle from the walls of the building offering no space for an attic.


Combination roof

With the creative sense of combining two or more different styles with careful skill employed in its construction, this is one of the sought after roofing styles for Ghanaian homes. Combination roofs are suitable for any weather condition. This roofing style makes your building aesthetically pleasing.

Advantages of combination roofs

  • Aesthetically pleasing

Due to its uniqueness, this roofing style is very attractive and suits every building.


  • Suitable for every weather

The combination roof can withstand all weather 


Disadvantages of combination roofs

  • Unlike single roofing styles, combination roofs are expensive to install because more materials are used.


  • Combination roofs can be less appealing rather than being aesthetically pleasing if not installed properly.


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Butterfly roof

The butterfly roof style is another option when it comes to the best roofing styles in Ghana. The roofing style is made of two adjacent gables sloping inwardly to form a middle roofline, creating a butterfly-like shape. The V-shaped modern design of the butterfly roofing style leaves a house standing in admiration of all its neighbours. 

Advantages of a butterfly roof

  • Good for harvesting rainwater

The valley created as a result of the design, allows homeowners to collect and preserve rainwater. This type of roofing style is great for places where water is scarce.


  • Resistant to strong wind

Due to their aerodynamic structure, butterfly roofs can withstand strong winds.


  • Easy solar panel installation

It is easy to install solar panels on the surface of butterfly roofs. 


  • They are also environmentally friendly

Disadvantages of butterfly roofs

  • Expensive

Unlike the other roofing styles, butterfly roofs are quite expensive. This is because they are a bit more difficult to install and require more materials.


  • Extra maintenance 

Butterfly roofs require maintenance from time to time and this could mean extra costs for homeowners. It can also be time 


Gable roof

Gable roofs are roofs that have two sloping sides meeting at a point forming a triangular extension called the gable. They are the first roofing style that comes to mind when a roof is mentioned. Materials such as clay tiles, shingles, metal roofing sheets and concrete tiles can be used to construct metal tiles. Front gable roofs, side-gable roofs, box gable roofs, Dutch gable roofs and cross-gable roofs are all types of gable roofs.


Advantages of gable roofs

  • Affordable

The price of materials used for constructing gable roofs and the installation of the roof itself is moderate compared to other roofing styles.


  • Easy to build

Gable roofs are very easy to build and install, unlike the other alternatives.


  • Water drainage

Gable roofs are the best roofing styles in Ghanaian homes where there’s usually a scarcity of water. The design of gable roofs makes them good for water harvesting and drainage. The sloppy sides of the roof allow water to move away from the material to a collection point. This helps the roof minimize leakages and damage.


  • Extra space

Gable roofs are constructed such that there’s space created above the ceiling for an attic. It also allows great ventilation in the building.

Disadvantages of gable roofs

  • Gable roofs are not great for hurricane-prone areas. They are unable to withstand strong wind and may be prone to damage when used in windy areas.


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What to consider in choosing a roofing style

 When choosing a roofing style for your building, ask yourself these questions. How long will that roofing style last? Is that roofing style suitable for the weather in Ghana? How much does it cost to install and get materials for the roof and are they readily available?. Below are three important factors when choosing a roofing style.

  • Durability

Choosing a roof style based on its addition of aesthetic appeal to your home is not enough. The roofing style should be able to last for a long time. 


  • Climate

Your roofing style of choice should be able to withstand the weather conditions in your area. In Ghana, for instance, there’s hardly any case of strong winds or hurricanes. It is usually sunny and rainy hence the roofing style that you choose should be able to withstand rainy and sunny weather.


  • Availability and cost of roofing materials and installation.

For every roofing style, different materials are used to construct the roof and means of installation. Some of these materials may not be common to find or expensive. With this knowledge, you should do enough research and consult experts before choosing a roofing style.


The most suitable roofing style in Ghana


Aforementioned, the weather in Ghana is mostly sunny with seasonal rainfall. Many homeowners try as much as possible to choose the best roofing style in Ghana that is suitable for the weather. Out of the five roofs enlisted in this article, the gable roofing style is the most suitable in Ghana considering the weather. Gable roofs are durable, they are very good for water harvesting which is very common in Ghana and they are affordable. The only disadvantage of the roofing style is that it is not great for hurricane-prone areas and since Ghana is not prone to hurricanes and very strong winds, the roofing style is the best for the weather in Ghana.


After reading this article, we believe that you gained relevant insight into the best roofing style in Ghana. Remember that choosing the right roofing style can save you so much money and stress. 


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